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Time travel for 100 years back to 2020

After world war III, most of the human cultral had been extincted. Recently, there are 8 mysterious weapon founded in Pacific Ocean. This is the formal record from national discovery team. These weapons should uncover the myths of prehistoric civilization.


This string made of two different materials. There is a thick plastic layer on top of the string and this layer should be protecting the metal wire inside the plastic layer. From the length and the tension strength of this wire, we believe that this must be a assassination weapon.

From the shape of this object found, we believe that it would be a kind of armor wearing on arms or legs. When we use X-Ray to investigate the structure of this object, we found that this object contains lots of microelectronics. It would possibly contain explosive function when solders being hit by enemies.

In terms of mass, this object would be the heaviest in these eight-object founded. We believe that this is a hand holding weapon. It would increase the force of punch as there are slingshot inside. This kind of weapon should be used commonly in world war III.

This tiny object should be a massive killing machine. We believed that this weapon is being used to kill massive people in world war III. This fake food contains a extreme explosive substance inside. When people eat it and dissolve the outer layer of this bomb, it would explode and kill the people who ate this fake food.

The object is full of rust under seawater. After some restore, this weapon mainly made of iron. After investigation, we found some bone DNA inside this object. We believe that this weapon is used for cracking the bones.

The three sharp ends are made by metal and plastic, this may be the high-tech weapon which used to hijack the enemy’s communication devices. The three sharp ends could enlarge the hijacking signal. The metal coil inside the plastic case can protect the electronic device inside. This weapon should be widely used before world war III.

This is a complex weapon. The front side and back of the weapon are made of plastic and glass respectively. There are lots of metal and complex infra structure in this weapon. The structure could strengthen the weapon. When the solder use this hard object attacking the people, it may cause serious injury.

This weapon should be the most exciting finding in these eight weapons. This weapon is made of wood and there is some mystery language on it. We believed that this weapon represents the calculation for army. The numbers of solders dead should equals the marks on the wood. After further investigation would definitely help discovering the culture before world war III.

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